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„Who is Marcus von Kloeden and he has news in Customer Experience for You?“"

Already in early years – age of 6 – I earned my pocket money as a server in a small winery, and came in contact with Customer Service and Sales for the first time. While during this time I also explored the world of producing wine. From cutting wine plants, harvesting wine, pressing it, fermenting, ripening, bottling, labeling until serving the finished product.

Already early age Marcus von Kloeden discovered his first passion - Chemistry..
First passion of Marcus von Kloeden - Chemistry.

Here I discovered my interest in chemistry what lead me to my apprenticeship as chemical lab assistant that I successfully completed after 3 years and keep on doing for another 6 years in the general analytical department of German’s largest Pharma and Chemical Company at that time.

While there has been a still an urge to learn more and so I decided to apply for a special university degree based on my background. I managed to become the first German to complete the professional qualification examination. This opened the door to study at the private University for Applied Science Fresenius.

During my studies I went to Italy and Switzerland for further studies and had been honored with the Leonardo da Vinci – Stipendium to do so.

After my successful graduation, I was offered a position in Switzerland, that I gladly accepted. Five years later this company offered me to set up the Service and Support Center for Asia in Singapore. So, I moved to Asia and established the Asian headquarters for Service and Support.

To train my technician further, I decided to hire a consultancy in Singapore, to improve Customer Relations and Customer Service. This company was OmniTouch. I liked their scope of Services as they were more than just a consultancy for training.

For more than 18 years, OmniTouch has - through workshops, certification programs, Mystery Shopper research and consulting – worked worldwide to inspire and help people in their Customer Service, Contact Centre and Customer Experience.

Speaking multiple languages and a special sense for numbers as an analytical chemist, it took not long to join OmniTouch.

Today, I am proud to be Managing Director of OmniTouch and Founder of OmniTouch International in Germany. We help, inspire and support organisations with their goal to create great Customer Experience.

Customer Experience became his second passion. And he got certified as Certified Customer Experience Professional as well as in the Masterclass for NPS.
Customer Excellence and Experience became the "hobbyhorse" of Marcus von Kloeden

Customer experience became my passion or as we say in Germany "Mein Steckenpferd" what translate literally to stick or hobbyhorse.

Proud to have been amogst the first 5 Germans to be certified as a Certified Customer Experience Professional and used my remaining free time to also get certified in the NPS.

Since 2012, I have been invited as a juror at the Customer Experience Awards and Customer Service Awards around the world, visiting the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the Maledives, Singapore and many others for many times.

After returning to Germany in 2018 and almost 15 years of consulting, training and research experience in the field of customer experience, I made it my mission to bring a professional customer experience platform to the DACH region.

That's why I launched the DACH Customer Excellence Awards & Summit. Here I have made it my mission to establish and support customer experience in the DACH region.

The DACH Customer Excellence Awards are the best basis for exchange, inspiration and recognition. Every customer experience project should participate in this awards program. And here I have created the right platform for this.

The only event by, with and for CX experts.

Even our logo also symbolizes the interaction of customer experience in the customer life cycle and in the product life cycle. Processes that start once and don't really stop; a cycle that can take place indefinitely.

The only event truly by, with and for CX Experts. Companies compete to demonstrate their strength in Customer Service and Experience. All companies are based, operating or serving within the DACH Region. Some even serve citizens thereof.
Logo of the DACH Customer Excellence Awards

That's why I'm really looking forward to accompanying you on your journey through the DACH Customer Excellence Awards in our region over the next few years.

I look forward to meeting you soon at the DACH Customer Experience Awards & Summit.

Who knows, I may present you with your very own trophy?

Congratulations. One Participant receives a well-deserved customized trophy.
Marcus von Kloeden prensents one winner with a trophy during the DACH CXA 2023

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