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Celebrat with us Customer Excellence

In our competition we offer over 20 categories to choose from.
There is something here for everyone!

You may choose multiple categories.

Industry-specific Categories

Categories for industries, processes and technologies

Automotive & Aviation

A category that appeals to everyone who works in the automotive and aviation industries and uses their initiative to offer their customers special customer experiences. All vehicle and aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers can find their category here.


Hospitality, Hotel & Travel

For all companies operating in the leisure and travel industry who have demonstrated a positive strategy to improve their customer experience while adding value to their business. This can be done, for example, through an improved website, an app and booking system.


CX Consulting

Anyone who helps their customers through advice to provide their customers with a better customer experience can apply for this category. Show how you help your customers to work in a more customer-oriented manner and which projects you have already achieved this with.

Drawing on a Board


Digitalization is a cutting-edge topic.
any companies are digitizing to improve their customer experience. A new website, a new live chat, chatbots and much more can be used here.



For large, medium and small banking, financial institutions, investment firms or debt collectors that have shown a particular interest in improving their customer experience.

You can demonstrate the benefits, both for your customers and for your company.


​Business Change & Transformation

​Achieve a great customer experience through a significant change and/or redesign of the organization.
hese companies have understood their customers’ needs and adapted accordingly.


International Business

This category is aimed at all organizations that operate outside their own home country and are represented in two or more countries. You may serve customers within the DACH Region or citizen thereof. You can demonstrate successful customer experience strategies that create positive outcomes for customers and the company.


Customer Support Online

​Be able to provide a great customer experience with online media and present results in terms of dynamically improving the customer experience and the profitability of their business.
This can be done through digital strategies, advertising campaigns, an improved website or online shop.


​Artificial Intelligence

A modern technology. More and more companies are relying on artificial intelligence in direct customer contact. Show positive results that your customers can experience and benifit from these technologies.


Logistic & Transport

This category is intended for companies working in the transport and logistics sector with an innovative CX strategy that has improved their organization and customer experience. This is shown and manifested through their positive results.


Media & Information

This category addresses all media and information channels that have improved customer experiences.

Show how you have positively influenced your customers or consumers.

media und Information.jpg

​Employee Motivation & Engagement

Employee motivation and customer experience can go hand in hand. By introducing inspiring learning and development programs, these organizations have deployed highly engaged teams, all of whom deliver amazing customer experiences.



​In your participation, present how you achieve sustainability yourself, with your customers and/or for customers.​
E.g. making processes paperless, saving energy or simply becoming more prudent.
Yo offer processes that save resources and protect the environment.

Green Energy Turbines

National Business

This category is aimed at all organizations operating within their home country.
You can demonstrate successful customer experience strategies that create positive outcomes for customers and the company.

Casual Work Meeting

New Products & Services

This category is particularly suitable for companies that are building CX applications and/or have worked with other organizations to improve their customer experiences. They can show the positive impact and/or profitability.

Computer Screen

Schools, Technical Colleges, Colleges & Universities

Here, public institutions show how they improve the lives of those around them. Show how you provide students with a better Customer Experience.

Image by Ivan Aleksic

​Technology & Telecommunications

Organizations in the technology or telecommunications sector that successfully use technology in these areas to improve their customers' experiences. They show how they have made a significant contribution to making progress in the area of customer loyalty and how this goal was achieved.



A category for insurance companies that have implemented specific methods to improve customer experiences and can demonstrate the overall benefits of that organization and, more importantly, its customers.


​Provider / Utilities

Participants in this category are utilities that demonstrate engagement with their customers and thereby create improved customer experiences. These companies have implemented a CX initiative and can demonstrate the impact and benefits of their strategy for their customers and their business.


Use of Insights & Feedback (VOC)

Contributions are welcomed from organizations that use customer opinions and feedback in an innovative way to improve and gain a competitive advantage.


Well-being & Health

Whether in professions such as medicine, fitness or health, this category is for anyone who supports and ensures the health and well-being of their customers. This is demonstrated through training, innovation or applied methods that have shown positive results in customer care.


Personal Categories

Categories for individuals, teams or departments

​CX Professional Person of the Year

Entries submitted are intended to honor the individual who demonstrates outstanding leadership. This individual (f/m/d) has demonstrated innovation and/or commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

callcenter gross.jpg

Contact Center

This category is intended for contact centers that help organizations serve their customers through various channels. This support can be: telephone, email, live chat, newsletters, face-to-face interactions or increasingly social networking platforms and any online chat channel.

​CX Team of the Year

This category is for the teams that demonstrate exceptional commitment, commitment, passion and focus and have made an exceptional contribution to the customer experience in their organization.


CX Department of the Year

Anyone who works in a department that provides their customers with a better customer experience can apply in this category. You have run a campaign, initiative or program and can demonstrate your successes.

​Best Customer Orientation / 
Customer Centric Culture

A category for companies whose entire ethos is focused on their customers. This category is intended for organizations that have been able to create a customer-centric culture that delivers improved business results.

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