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Wedding Table Arrangement

Celebrate with us the best Customer Experience initiatives

Have your finger on the pulse

Learn best practice, tips and tricks and the latest updates of the industry

​During the competition, in your judges role, you will listen, read and hear how companies plan, implement and evaluate customer experiences.

Projects, initiatives, campaigns or even entire processes are presented in detail and you learn how customer experience is really implemented.

First, participants present their initiatives in a written contribution that will allow them to qualify for the final.

On the day of the finals, these companies present their project in a personal presentation. Here you as our judge have time to ask your questions that you are passionate about.

Judges (english): Welcome

Benefits as Judge

Shine with your expertise

APPEAR in our e-brochure, which will be made available to all participants

CONNECT with new business partners, potential customers, and get to know other CX experts.
HAVE your participation posted on social media to maximize your PR potential.​INCREASE your awareness by participating

PRESENT yourself on our website and with your company logo.

SHAPE future business strategies with your constructive feedback.

SHINE on social media and get known by over 500'000 contacts

SHOW UP as a thought leader in your field by sharing your expertise and knowledge with others.

Judge's Table
Judges (english): About
App Design

Requirements as a juror

What you should bring as our juror

​Juror application criteria:


  1. You have knowledge, skills and/or experience in various business disciplines

  2. Extensive business experience

  3. A business qualification or do you belong to a relevant academic institution, e.g. B. a customer service company, a school or university

  4. You have a passion for delivering exceptional business results

  5. You are already a certified in CX (CXM, CXS, CCXP)

  6. You are an active member of a Customer Experience Association like the ACXPA or CXPA

You should meet at least three of these criteria.

Judges (english): About

Application as Judge

​Show what you know and can do

Become a juror in a few simple steps:

  • Apply to be a juror using the link below

  • We assess your expertise - the interview is carried out by us

  • Successful jurors receive a social media profile

  • Jurors will be published on our website

  • Jurors evaluate the written contributions

  • Jurors evaluate the live presentations

  • Participation in the awards ceremony in a glamorous setting

App Design
Judges (english): About

Important dates to remember

Participation Judge

2nd September 2024

Participation (1st judge)  €495.-*

additional judge €475.-** each

*) Prices are subject to VAT (19%)

**) same company

Live Event

25th October 2024

​All inclusive for you

  • Enjoy the live presentations and key notes

  • Enjoy the day including catering and lunches

  • Enjoy the cocktail reception

  • Enjoy the red carpet (incl. your photo)

  • Enjoy entertainment and the gala with dinner

Judges (english): List

Apply as judge today

We made it simple for you

Danke für Ihre Bewerbung.

Judges (english): Sales Lead
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