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And the Winner is! - DACH Customer Excellence Awards 2023

The DACH Customer Excellence Awards & Summit took place on October 13, 2023 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Significant customer excellence initiatives from organizations that are based in, operate in or serve customers from the DACH region, namely Germany, Austria and Switzerland, were celebrated.

Our Mission - The recognition you deserve

Registration at the DACH Customer Excellence Awards 2023
Participants arrive for their live presentations at the DACH Customer Excellence Awards 2023

Not all awards programs are created equal. Anyone who has worked in the customer industry for some time knows this.

At some awards, it seems as if there is an army of salespeople who come in to persuade people to join organizations, buy a product, or purchase a service.

For us, Customer Excellence is the focus of our awards program. And our mission of the DACH Customer Excellence Awards is different. Here it is:

By CX Experts, with CX Experts, for CX Experts.

This isn't just a slogan - it's our philosophy.

Everyone involved in the creation, organization and implementation of the DACH Customer Excellence Awards is a “customer person” themselves. Our team consists of certified customer experience professionals.

So there is a deep and innate understanding of what customers deserve when they invest their time and resources in such an event. This year one of our judges flew in from Amman, Jordan, and many others came from Switzerland and the Netherlands.

It’s real commitment – ​​and we honor that.


The quality of finalists

The quality of finalist's entries is the absolute key feature of a credible and effective awards program.

So when the jury from all areas tell us how impressed they were with the quality of the finalists, that is very significant.

Here just a few comments of this year's judges:

One possibilty to participate at the DACH Customer Excellence Awards 2023 was to join virtually
Live presentation at the DACH Customer Excellence Awards 2023 - here with a virtual participant

“One of my entries even showed some great numbers proving impact, showing how employee satisfaction increases customer satisfaction, loyalty, renewal and up-selling. This is the evidence we need to ensure that necessary investments in EX and CX are approved by senior management and show real ROI.”

“Couldn't have said it better, it was a great event with impressive contributions.”

“I fully support your summary of the DACH Customer Excellence Awards. And I would like to add the importance of the customer-centric culture and the MAGIC that the Italian team showed us.”

Our judges are customer experience experts from around the world and their involvement in the program matters. Unlike other award programs, all jurors with us have to go through an application process. Here they demonstrate their CX expertise. We know great judges want to evaluate outstanding entries.


The quality of the event

The second absolute defining characteristic of a great awards program is the experience of the people who participate in it.

And of course what they have to say about their experiences, what they learned, who they met and how much fun they had.

Here are just a few quotes from this year's winners, finalists and judges:

“A fantastic day made even better by the outstanding keynote speakers and the wealth of knowledge and passion shared by all participants!” Judge's comments

Opera et Cetera filled the evening entertainment with live - Opera a different way
Live entertainment at the DACH Customer Excellence Awards 2023 - Opera et Cetera

“Special praise goes to Marcus von Kloeden for the perfect organization and the opera singers at the awards dinner, who were the icing on the cake of a successful event.”  

Comment from a judge

Me, the founder of the DACH Customer Excellence Awards has many years of experience organizing events, including training programs, conference events and even art gallery receptions.

And that experience was reflected in everything from the structure of the event – ​​including plenty of time for networking, chatting and relaxing – to the opera singers who strolled the hall during the cocktail reception and gala dinner.


The winners of this year's edition

As part of this year's DACH Customer Excellence Awards, 12 awards were presented and it is nice to show the range of categories and organizations that received the necessary points from the jury at the end of the day and won.




Hyatt Services GmbH

Business Transformation


Lindner Hotels Group Integration to Hyatt Global Property and Guest Services

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

Contact Center

Blue KC’s Award Winning Customer Service

Concentrix + Webhelp

Customer Centric Culture

Fanatical About Our Clients

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

CX Professional of the Year

Blue KC’s CX Leader – Inspiring CX Transformation


CX Consulting


Riverty Services GmbH


Digital concerns & workforce management (DigiAn)


Employee Motivation & Engagement



Employee Motivation & Engagement


Riverty Services GmbH


Monthly Invoice – Customer Satisfaction Development Plan

Concentrix + Webhelp

International Business


A program that demonstrates our success in delivering CX outside our client’s home country     

Concentrix + Webhelp

New Product & Services

CNX Launcher

Concentrix + Webhelp


A Sustainable Concentrix

Winners of the DACH CX Awards 2023 - Part 1
Winners of the DACH CX Awards 2023

Winners of the DACH CX Awards 2023 - Part 2
Winners of the DACH CX Awards 2023

Winners of the DACH CX Awards 2023 - Part 3
Winners of the DACH CX Awards 2023

Winners of the DACH CX Awards 2023 - Part 4
Winners of the DACH CX Awards 2023

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